Motion Showreel

  • Motion showreel.

    View the showreel or navigate a selection of videos that evidence the creative skills in production, photography, directing and editing. The contemporary, eclectic selection of clips are from personal projects as well as commissioned work.
  • Hinckley Talaria 34R.

    A video created for a new product from The Hinckley Company for website and social media. The taster video for the Talaria 34R lifts the bar for engaging, exciting content requiring well planned production, photography, directing and editing for this tantalising final product.
  • Our visual story of luxury travel

    True luxury travel is a great experience. It is not necessarily defined by the thread count or star rating. Today everybody’s idea of a luxury vacation is different. For some people it will always include comfort and high standards of accommodation, food and service.
  • Product Lifestyle Navico B&G.

    Navico B&G is the world leader in marine instruments and they asked me to produce a video to show their customers enjoying the product. Produced in Puerto Rico and shooting run and gun style – due to minimum budget – this segment was added to their corporate video.
  • A Spanish road trip.

    The scenario is a road trip from Malaga into the Andalusian mountains to a small artist village, Genalguacil, then to a coastal village of El Palmar with a wide stretch of sandy beach. The carefree couple demonstrate a sense of freedom on their journey.
  • Wine harvest Chateau de Julienas.

    A project which started with a wine distributor in UK took me on a journey to Southern France to create motion sequences of a volunteer youth group working in harmony harvesting the grapes. I let them be themselves and captured the action as it happened.
  • Boys toys.

    In a quaint Suffolk town under grey skies I documented these grown up boys as they put their model pond yachts to the test on the boating lake. A group of senior men who take their hobby seriously yet welcomed me aboard to capture their hobby.
  • Lady and the sea.

    A 30 minute loop for a personal project and exhibition with no audio, the work balances anatomy and water. The fabric was printed from a previous seascape image and with collaboration from a skilled crew assisting with smoke and lighting, the scene was set.


Image professional creating pictures that dance with light and capture authentic narrative.

Photography | Motion |  Production 

As a creative I understand the world of adaptability and resourcefulness very well. My role as an image professional allows me to use skills in critical thinking and creativity to produce commercial photography and video for today’s lifestyles. My contagious enthusiasm for breathing life into ideas from concept through to production allows me to collaborate with contemporary client’s in aviation, healthcare, hospitality, finance, leisure, marine and resort markets.

My vision, creativity and production experience will capture the imagination of your customers. The highly compelling imagery dances with light with an authentic narrative. Typically I collaborate with people who want to build relationships and love what they do! Often but not limited to the advertising and design communities who are looking for insightful creative and curated premium content.

Awards have be won nationally in the USA and the work has been exhibited in New York, London and Dubai.

  • Assignment still and motion photography offers uniqueness and image exclusivity with experience in collaborating with brands, agencies and individuals. Valuable production skills coupled with working alongside a talented team, greatly increases the value of the work.

  • Producing and creating a curated collection of innovative fresh, dynamic and compelling imagery that is   unbranded, released, still and motion content. This body of work is available through agents, please view the contact page for more information.

  • Commercial portraiture, actor and model portfolios with a lifestyle flair that makes you look good and price options to fit all budgets. I am always looking for new faces for license photography, please get in contact for more information. It can work out mutually benefiting. 

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